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2 Step Call


The Coaches Ultimate 2 Step Call System For More Clients

There are 2 calls you need as a coach to fill your programs, workshops and retreats.

Call 1: Discovery Call

The discovery call is used to qualify and identify whether the person you are speaking is someone you want to work with.

Always be sure to understand their challenges and goals but most importantly identify their high priority.

What’s even more powerful than a prospects pain or pleasure is their highest priority in the life, listen for it and make sure you sell to that.

If you identify at the end of your call that this person is the right for you and the program you offer, book them in for a strategy session

Call 2: Strategy Session

The strategy session is designed for 2 reasons.

To stretch the distance between where the client is right now and where they want to get to. The way do this is we have 3-4 education pillars that we bring into their awareness to make them say “wow I didn’t realize I needed this”.
If you can get a prospect to say this, you’re as good as gold.

For example:

Not Enough Clients For A Coach


5x Booking system

Pitching Without Being Salesy

Handling Objections

Heaps Of Clients For The Coach

To close the sale, put simply it is critical coaches understand how the difference between selling and coaching. Far too many coaches are great at teaching but they end coaching on their sales calls.
The key to remember is that selling is asking questions to get information, and coaching is giving information to answer questions.

In Summary:

Have a killer discovery call
An amazing strategy session
And there will always be heaps of clients for you

If are struggling to make sales and unsure whether your discovery call or strategy session needs tweaking?

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