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3 Must Haves To Be Your Own Boss


Hi there, guys. Jordan D’Urbano here. I’m in my home office today. We’ve got the camera. We’re doing videos. We are fully booked for meetings. Back-to-back client webinars, strategy sessions, running Facebook ads at the moment. It’s all happening here.

I want to do this quick video because we’re starting to get towards the end of November, and this is really for anyone that’s thinking about becoming their own agent in 2018. You might be certain that you’re going to do it, but there might be a little bit of doubt. I want to give you three things that are going to dictate whether you are truly ready to go and be your agent. Or, if you’re someone who’s in a nine to five job and you’re thinking about starting your own business, there are three things that you need. Once you can tick these three things off, guys, you are more than ready to go and take the jump.

The first thing is, you need a big inspiring goal that’s about you and about your clients. What do I mean by that? Your goal needs to be so inspiring to you of what you want for yourself, that you think about it every single day. If you don’t have it, then do not go and start your own business, and do not become your own sales professional. If you have it, great. You’ve taken another step. That could be, “I want to make a million dollars. I want to buy my own property. I want to take my girlfriend or partner on a holiday.” Whatever it is, it needs to be specific.

For your clients, it could be, “I want to help 10,000 people in my business.” Let’s say if you’re selling fitness, “Lose 10 kilos each.” Let’s say that. Or, if you’re a real estate agent, “I want to help my clients get the best price, let’s say five percent above what they ask.” That could just be one example. It needs to be about you, and it needs to be about your clients.

The second thing that you need, is you need to know how to close. What do I mean by that? Guys, getting a follow-up. Getting business follow-up. Getting people to call you back, email you back after you’ve done an appraisal or after you’ve met someone. That’s not being a good closer. Being a great closer is getting into the appraisal and listing the home there and then. Then, when it comes to selling the home, you get the best price for the vendor. And, it’s done at a predictable time. If you’re a great closer, you can be your own real estate agent.

As a matter of fact, you could just have the closing ability and get by. You won’t well. You won’t do phenomenally well. You need the goals, but closing is going to be so critical. For a business owner, this is everything. Because, if you’re out there and you do not have leads and no database, you’ve got to get out there and network, speak, do social media, reach out to your immediate circle. You’ve to learn how to close. It is the differentiating factor between going broke and staying in the game.

The last thing, the third and last thing that you need, is you need to know how to handle objections. Now, I do not mean like they were done in the ’80s. I mean handling objections the way they are done in the 21st century. Customers are waiting for you to handle their objections, and there’s a certain way that you need to do it. It’s more about bringing up the objection before your customer can say anything and breaking it, so it’s not an issue in the close.

Guys, let me tell you, if you have an inspiring goal for you and your customers, you can close, and handle objections, nothing can stop you. You can knock on doors. You can cold call, and eventually, you’ll get there in a year’s time.

As a summary, guys, if you are thinking about starting, there are only three things you need: an inspiring goal, closing abilities, and you need to handle objections.

Apart from that, guys, thank you for tuning in. If you are looking for extra help and extra resources, click the link below. We’ve got the Game of Sales podcast, where we’ve recently had Tom Ferry, Victor Antonio, John D. Martini. This week, we have the world’s fastest selling agent, Zedna Sheet coming on the show. Super excited about that. Go and click on those links, and you’ll be able to find all the episodes there.

I’m out, guys. Jumping into an appointment. We’ll catch you later.


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