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EP 15 – 3 Reasons Why Salespeople Should Work Commission Only?


It shocks that salespeople are too scared to work commission only jobs.

I speak to many so called professionals at their jobs who say to me that their

“Income is limited”

“Opportunity is restricted”

“Motivation is low”

If you’re in that position its most likely because you’re not earning enough money to match the value you are giving to your organisation.

Or you’re selling something that people just don’t want to buy.

If you have these problems, you need to be looking at commission only sales.

Commission only sales is a must for 3 particular reasons:

  1. You Get Paid For Value

In your company you’re paid based on the value your provide to the prospect and also your business. If you provide value the organisation rewards you!

If you don’t, well then you don’t get paid and it’s back to the drawing board on how you can improve.

Having a wage is too safe and it doesn’t teach how to sell incredible amounts of value, because you’re always protected by something.

  1. You Sell Opportunities Not Products

Companies who will give you commission only sales roles are usually start ups or medium sized businesses.

These type of companies have some of the most disruptive and innovative products out in the market-place.

This makes it easier to excite a prospect because no one else is providing the same offer, meaning frequent sales and higher commissions for you.

  1. True Closer

Because your back is against the wall in a commission only sales role, you build thick skin. You learn how to fend for yourself and grow your income independently.

Its no surprise that when you earn a full-time wage you become soft and dependent on easy money.

True closers aren’t dependent on money, they are dependent on their level of skill.

These guys are an elite class of salespeople.

In summary if you want to level up your game, go into commission only sales, its the only way you’ll find wealth, more inspiration and growth in your life.

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