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Why You May Need An Extra Stage In Your Sales Process?


Are your prospects constantly saying “I need to think about it”? Do they turn around to you and say “can you put this in an email for me”? Or my favourite “its good to know what you charge”.
Now I have failed to deal with these objections too and yes I have found out later that a certain prospect has done business with a competitor. I remember committing to myself that I would never let this happen again so easily.

After continuing to work on my sales process and learn from the best in the business, I started to see very quickly where I was going wrong. I had to implement an extra touchpoint/stage in my process. Upon doing this it changed my businesses and has never let me down in sales roles that I have pursued.
The first thing I work on with new clients is their sales process and whether an extra stage is needed.
Now if you’re reading this and you’re wondering why an extra stage can help you overcome objections, read on:


1. Credibility
If you make a call to a prospect out of the blue and try to close a sale immediately, your prospects are thinking you’re trying to close a sale. However, if you’re calling to quickly learn or qualify your prospect in the first call, your prospect starts to see you’re trying to help them, this increases your credibility.

2. Authority
If your clients think that you’re hanging around to make a sale your positioning is quite poor. By adding an extra process to qualify your clients it will position you as someone everyone wants to see because of the value you have to offer.

3. Trust
If you make a cold call or even a warm call to a lead that has just come from your website, your prospect doesn’t know your process. It makes them feel out of control and tricked into something. By adding an extra step, you get to explain how you are going to sell to them. I know this sounds counter-intuitive, but in a world where people are too ashamed to say they are “selling”, if you do this your customer will trust you even more!

In conclusion, an extra stage in your process provides the opportunity to add credibility, authority and trust.
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