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3 Things To Do When You Don’t Trust The Process


Sometimes its easy to overcomplicate things in our head when we aren’t clear

It’s like driving on a straight, flat road with no cars and our windshield foggy

We can’t see what lies ahead of us.

And instead of doing what’s necessary to clear the fog.

We can sit their panicking and be panicking for really no reason.

The car works and if we just use the tools properly the process will achieve the result for us.

I have found trusting the process one of the toughest things for many to do.

I and my clients included.

However, I am inspired to say we have a process to follow when trusting the process is tough to do.

I have found there are only 3 things you can to clear the fog and bring certainty back:


Emotion clouds your ability to judge a situation for what it is.

Usually when we are really negative or even super positive its easy for us to make poor decisions.

When you can see just as many pros and cons to the situation you become CERTAIN about what’s in front of you.


Any detail that isn’t in your plan becomes a barrier in the future.

I am not saying get super detailed with everything in your business and life lol………that would be a little insane

But make sure you know EXACTLY what you need to do to guarantee success….

How do you know if you’re missing a puzzle piece?

Just ask yourself.

Have I got the results I want?

If its a no then start looking for info

If it’s a yes……set a new goal you don’t know how to achieve 😉


You hear it all the time, take action!

Well, that’s super easy to say…….but what about if I can’t be bothered “taking action”.

Do you need to be more committed? Not if you’ve been lying to yourself about what’s important to you

Do I need to motivate myself? Well that wouldn’t be smart because you’ll get burnt out doing that

Or do I need to get someone else to do it? Well you could, but if you don’t know what you’re doing it’s going to be hard to help someone else achieve success

The wise thing to do is to ask yourself the question. “How is what I am doing helping me achieve……(enter your most meaningful goal)………?

Answer this question at least 10 times with anything you do and action won’t be an issue.

If you’re doubting the process, follow these steps.

And you’ll gain certainty once again 🙂





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