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5 Steps To Make $10K Per Month Even If You’re Just Starting Out


Hey Coaches!

Check out this 14-minute video blog that I just recorded for you on how you can take your coaching business to 10k per month even if you’re just starting out.

Look I know you may be thinking, “Not another 5 secrets to becoming a millionaire” piece.

I can tell you now I am not about that as a matter of fact my stuff is quite simple in theory.

But in terms of implementing it sometimes, it can be a little tricky.

However, if you stick with me throughout this video I am sure you’ll gain a heap out of it.


Below is a summary of the 5 steps I covered:


1. Raise your deserve level

As coaches, we shouldn’t be asking ourselves “Am I too expensive for my clients?”

We need to change that question to, “How expensive is it for my clients not to hire me?”

If we ask for answers to these questions you’ll start to find that you’re actually worth a lot more than you originally thought.


2. Dissolve the fear of rejection

It’s critical you get past the fear of rejection so that you aren’t pinned back when you are making your sales calls, recording videos or networking with people.

Nobody likes rejection, but I have found this question to be super helpful in moving past it “How is rejection going to help me grow in 2018?”

Don’t stop asking it until you come up with answers.


3. Book Podcast/Speaking Opportunities

If you want to be perceived as an authority even if you’ve just started out and haven’t got any clients yet.

The easiest way is to be interviewed by someone or speak on stage for free. People like experts who are offering value, but they RESPECT experts who are offering groups of people value.


4. Master Your First Call

I’d pick the phone over a webinar or speaking gig any day if I had to sell my program. Why?

Well, I can increase cashflow yesterday using the phone.

Master your ability to book free sessions but doing one of the following calls.

Warm Call (calling people who are interested)

Referral Call (calling friends or clients to ask for a referral)

Re-engagement Call (call database and offer free sessions)


5. High Converting Strategy Session

Nobody wants to hop on a sales call but they do want to go to a value based session where they may learn something new.

In your free strategy session, you have one objective. Stretch the distance in the prospect’s mind between their problem and their goal.

By doing this your prospect will start to see that they have a bit of a journey to go and therefore will need to hire you in order to get there.

That’s a wrap!


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