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Dr John Demartini on Sales- Game Of Sales Ep 1

Dr John Demartini on Sales- Game Of Sales Ep 1 (Audio)

Last week I kicked off the first ever episode of the Game Of Sales Podcast with none other Dr. John Demartini.

To give you a bit of context I have studying the human behavioural, business, finance and relationship teachings of Dr. Demartini ever since I was 18!

He is a world renowned authority in personal development, has published over 40 books, travels 360 days a year to speak and teach, has published over 72 courses in 29 different languages, founder of the Demartini Institute and the revolutionary Demartini Method.

I brought John on the for the first episode because I knew he could offer very unique and valuable content when it came to sales. For the majority of the interview what we covered was the importance of values, having a clear intention when selling, the power of generating referrals and why having an inspired mission is the greatest marketing tool ever.

If you watch the whole interview you’ll hear John even tells stories of how he drummed up business when he first began his practice as a doctor….

What shocked me was that he went DOOR KNOCKING…….just picture that for a moment. A doctor door knocking to sell check ups…..

This is just one of the many inspirational stories that John shares.

As a raving fan and student of his teachings, it was an honour to interview someone of his calibre.

If you click here you can listen to the podcast audio version on Itunes.

If you’d like to watch the video version scroll back up to the top to watch.

Below I have listed out the key highlights from the interview


How to break negative associations with sales and sell from heart (9.42- 12.36)
Determining buying motives and highest values in potential clients (12.53- 14.04)
Dr Demartini’s script for generating referrals from his practice (15.50- 18.56)
How to deal with burnout in sales or business (20.03- 22.16)
Dr Demartini’s story on door knocking and how he approached it (23.16-24.50)
Hiring sales-people according to what they value most and ensuring they are the right fit for your company (28.38- 32.00)

Are you a phone based salesperson? Does your business require you to cold call potential clients the majority of your time?



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