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EP 12 – Jordan D’Urbano – 3 Ways Ive Seen People Limit Their Income


Hey guys, Jordan D’Urbano here. I do not know why the WiFi was playing up because I’m outside, I’m using data. Anyway, hope you’re doing well. Wanted to go live today because I got asked a question on a client webinar … Sorry, I should say a client call the other day and it was how many sales calls have I made to business owners and like what have I seen as the common ways that people have gotten stuck? I said well, look after 30,000 sales calls to business owners where I’ve gotten on the phone and had a chat with them, I’ve seen three ways that consistently come up. There’s only three.

I shared this with my client because I thought it was valuable and you know what? I’m going to share it with you today. It’s so common, guys. It’s really funny. I’ve been selling entrepreneurial programs, marketing programs, sales programs for quite a while now. Not ages but enough to know what these barriers are. First off, and the one that I’m sure you can all relate to, is when business owners say, “I’ll do it when I have the money.” Now I get it like so many business owners want to spend money on all those different things but when they say, “I’ll do it when I have the money. I’ll do my marketing when I have the money. I will stop selling when I have the money. I will do x before I have the money,” it is the wrong words to say.

The reason is because you do have the money, but what a lot of business owners don’t realize is that money is being spent in the wrong ways. Okay? Like I could ask someone, “So you don’t have the money to hire someone? If I stripped you of your advertising budget, would you have the money?” “Yeah, I probably would.” Okay, so you can hire someone. “If I stripped you of your holidays and all the cafes and stuff that you go to, would you have the money to hire someone?” Yeah, you would. Great.

Or how about if you picked up the phone and sold something and actually sold and didn’t sit in front of your laptop and just type away and stuff. Like if you got on the phone if you’re selling services and actually sell stuff, would you have the money? Of course, you would. So it’s not that you don’t have the money, that’s the reason number one. It’s not that business owners don’t have the money, it’s that they’re spending their time and their money in the wrong ways.

Here’s what I’ve learned. Money is energy and money, when you use it in the right ways, it grows. Like if you need to put it into people so you can free up more time to do the right things. If you have to put it into a better system to again, build the infrastructure so you can do the right things in your business. Put it into advertising so you can get the leads to sell or you know, stop spending so much on advertising, put it into sales structure, learning how to sell, putting some system in so you can actually close all those leads you’re getting, then do it. It’s never you don’t have the money. You keep saying that, you’ll go out of business. I’ve seen it just far too often.

The next thing is, “I need to think about it all the time.” Dude, like you’re a business owner, you shouldn’t be thinking about shit apart from your business. Here’s the thing, like the amount of times I’ve heard people say, “Oh Jordan, I’ve just got so much on my mind.” The reason they have so much on their mind is because they’re thinking about the wrong things.

Here it is, guys. You want the secret thing to making decisions faster, if it grows, if it makes you feel inspired, and if it frees up time and it has the opportunity to bring you an ROI, you do not need to think about it, you need to make a decision, move, and free up space because if you need to think about everything in your business, you are literally going to have no space to think about stuff.

When you have no space to think about stuff, you procrastinate all the time, so that’s the second thing that I see people doing all the time in their business. “I need to think about putting this advertising in. I need to think about putting this chat box in. I need to think about sales team. I need to think about advertising budgets. I need to think about a VA.” No, dude, you do not need to think about it. You need to think less and do more, okay?

The third thing that I’ve seen really and this is so big, put people out of business, is when they say … Well, not put people out of business but limit their income majorly, when I have the time. I heard one guy the other day say, “Jordan when I have the time I will make more sales calls.” I go, “Dude, you do not have the time because you’re not making sales calls.” Like you fucking … You know? It makes me … It really, really confuses the shit out of me. You have time to do nothing else.
Here’s the thing, it’s really contradictory. Yeah, I just couldn’t believe it that this guy is on his last legs in his consulting business. He goes, “I don’t have the time to make sales calls, but when I do have the time, Jordan, I’m going to make it happen.” Dude. I said to him, “You’re a flake.”

Hard-hitting advice. Hard hitting things but it’s the truth, guys. There are three things that are going to limit your income and it’s over 30,000 sales calls that I’ve seen with business owners. First, getting into this mindset that I do not have the money, okay? I do not have the money, it’s not there. Stop spending it in the wrong ways and you will have the money, or stop spending your time in the wrong ways and you will have the money. Pick up the phone, make some dials. Go to networking events if you have to. Book speaking gigs. Create a strategic partnership. That takes a freaking e-mail and a phone call and a coffee, and then you got a partnership. That’s money. Pick up a phone, set a meeting up, like that’s money. It’s not many seconds, you’re thinking too much. Think less, do more.

I found that when my copyrighting got better, it still has a way to go because naturally I like to say things, I don’t necessarily like to write it, but my copyrighting got better when I was out of here. When I was out of my head. I wasn’t thinking about stuff, I was just doing it. Fully present. Same thing happens in sales. If you’re caught up in here and you got all these charges about sales in your head and you’re thinking oh my God, I hate sales, while you’re selling, you are going to suck. It’s not that you need to think about things, get out of your head, do more.

The last thing is I don’t have the time. Guys, business owners always have time if they stop spending time on the wrong things. Please, stop saying these three things because you’re ruining your income and you’re limiting yourself. For those of you that are killing it, I assume you’re killing it and there’s people out there that are killing it, actively doing the right things and they’re fine. They’re growing because they don’t come up with excuses. “I don’t have the money. I don’t have the time. I need to think about things.” It’s ridiculous, okay?

Guys, have a great night. Those are the three things that I want you to think about honestly and yes, you know what? There are sales objections too and guess what? If you have those objections yourself, your prospects are going to have those objections and you won’t be able to handle them because you have them yourself. Be very, very careful how that game plays. Alright guys, I’m out. Have a good night. I’ll speak to you tomorrow.


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