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EP 14 – Jordan D’Urbano -Why You Shouldn’t Love Your Product? (Key Note)


Transcription From Phone Sales Mastery

I’m going to talk about two things tonight in this pillar. And some of you may resonate with this, and some of you may not, but it will challenge you.

Usually, when people are nervous on a sales call, and I’ve seen this across real estate, digital agencies, travel, I’ve seen it across all businesses, even solopreneurs.

When you’re nervous, it comes down to one thing:

We love the product but we don’t believe in its outcome.

We love the features, the details, the things in it, but deep down, we don’t believe in its outcome.

For example, who loves pizza? Who believes they should eat pizza every day? No, you don’t.

Who loves Coke, like who likes to have a drink of Coke? Me too.

I don’t believe I should drink it. It’s the same thing. It’s about the outcome. If we aren’t sold on the outcome, it gets freaking scary.

Subconsciously, we’re like I don’t know if this can really help this person.

There’s plenty of great products out there. Do you care about what you’re solving? If you don’t that’s where fear comes from.

Who’s ever had a problem that you’ve seen and you’ve been like oh man? In any area of life, and you’re like I just want to fix that. I wish I could fix it. Who’s ever felt that way?

That is what you should feel about what you sell. But if it’s about the features, the details and stuff, then our focus is taken off. So that’s where certainty comes from. That’s where certainty comes from.

How in tune am I with my outcome? Do I believe in it?

If I don’t, I need to do some work.


Jordan D’Urbano


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