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EP 16- The Client Acquisition Method You’re Terrified Of That Generated Over $1,000,000 in Sales in 2 years without spending a Dollar on Marketing- With James Hepburn

During the week I did a live video with my good friend James Hepburn on “THE CLIENT ACQUISITION METHOD YOU’RE TERRIFIED OF THAT GENERATED OVER $1,000,000 IN SALES”…

If you don’t know if you know James but he is probably the BEST marketer I know. The way he writes copy, generates headlines and attracts attention is second to none.

So we thought we’d put our content together and come up with something that hasn’t really been done before and so valuable.

Well this week did exactly that by talking about the sales we generated using 2 strategies many consider to be dead.

We were both shocked at the response and how well we worked together.

It was like a match made in heaven….

If you would like to listen to this informative but also entertaining live stream, scroll up.

In it you’ll learn strategies that helped us generate:
– $28,000 sales weeks from just 60 dead cold leads
– a brand new $20,000 per month business in 40 days or less
– $15,000 in high ticket sales in just 7 days
– $20,000 sales weeks from an inexperienced 20 year old entrepreneur

We’ll also reveal out 11 Golden Rules to making this work in any niche or industry – FAST.

Listen into the live video in podcast form just above.


Jordan “Cold Call” D’Urbano

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