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EP 18- Why You Should Love Getting Told No?


Growing up my family was well-off.

We didn’t struggle financially.

I was handed things as a kid.

Many have said I was “over supported”.

And I agree that is definitely true.

In fact, still to this day people think that I’ve had the easy life.

And that I don’t know what its like to do it tough….

I laugh because its so true

but SO wrong at the same time..

What many of you don’t know…

Is that growing up:

Speech didn’t come naturally to me, at a young age I would stutter for ages until I could get a word out

I wasn’t as intelligent as my peers, in fact the psychs would give me meds to fix my learning problems

I would hide from other kids at lunch time because I hated getting picked on and never having a come back

And most days when I’d meet new people my mind would literally freeze, as the fear of rejection would almost paralyse me.

My mind and voice was quite under developed…

These challenges would pin me back for the majority of my childhood, and I HATED it..

All I wanted was to be as confident as the kids and adults around me..

But what I didn’t realise at the time….

Was all these metaphorical “No’s” that I would get from bullies, teachers, myself…

Had started to create this obsession around “speaking to people” and “responding back to remarks” etc etc….

Before I knew it I was doing anything possible to strengthen this muscle…..

Over the years I have found myself:

Listening to rap music over and over, and would repeat the words until I would get it at lightening speed

I would volunteer to coach my brothers sports teams and would think of ways I could motivate them.

At 16, I found myself cold calling schools over and over again to sell my sports program

I would spend days locked away in my room, dissolving emotional baggage that would interfere with my ability to communicate.

Spending hours on the weekend role playing my sales processes out in public, as if I was on the phone.

And always being the first and last person to dial the phone in sales roles I had.

Now did I do this to become great at getting people to say “approve” and say “yes” to me

Yes that was a big driver…

But mainly I did all of this so I would NEVER say “No” to myself again

And today this is exactly why I love “NO”.

For many its a slap in the face..

But for me I’ve taken too many of those hits to even react to it anymore..

Cause its become a game for me, it feeds my obsession of always saying “Yes” and staying sold on myself.

That’s why I cold call 100’s of people a day and that’s exactly why I love speaking on stage to people I don’t know….

The more “NO’s” I get, the more I say to myself “YES”.

Sales is a game of self-worth, I have been saying this for a while.

You don’t need people to say “YES” to you.

You need to start saying “YES” to yourself more often.

And you’ll be bloody unstoppable.

Not only when you’re making money and people are chanting your name.

But even when you’re the only one that believes in you.

I hope this post inspires you to pick up the phone today.


To your success,



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