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EP 213 – The Lifestyle Entrepreneur Lie Exposed

Perhaps at some point, you’ve found yourself hunched in front of a computer in a dimly lit office, furtively glancing up to make sure your boss doesn’t catch you scrolling through FaceBook.

Then, splashed across your screen: sun-soaked destinations (whether the tropical or cosmopolitan variety), laughing, carefree faces, and a neatly portable laptop framed by a stunning view.

I’m sure we’re all familiar with the ‘laptop lifestyle’ and ‘lifestyle entrepreneur’.

The entire appeal of the ‘laptop lifestyle’ is based upon a single, compelling concept: freedom.

I’ve been a ‘lifestyle entrepreneur’. And it was, without question, the most miserable period of my life.

Because here’s the paradox: People choose the ‘laptop lifestyle’ because of the perceived freedom that it provides. It’s highly compelling, but it’s also an illusion.

Giving up on your 9-5 and setting up in your home, favourite cafe, or ideal holiday destination is really like locking yourself into a prison of your creation.

Tune in to today’s content to where I expose the lie that is the ‘laptop lifestyle’.

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