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EP 214 – How To Gain Respect & Authority Fast

We’ve talked in the past about how you can’t push prospects to buy through brute force.

Instead, the key to closing deals is to subtly yet powerfully influence prospects through emotional transference.

But the crucial point is this: you can’t encourage people to adopt attitudes and behaviors that you don’t exemplify yourself!

It’s essential that you embody the emotion or action you are trying to impart; otherwise, your prospects will sense that you are inauthentic.

So what do you need to do to become more genuine?

Use these questions as a jumping off point:
– Am I treating myself with the respect I deserve?
– Am I being honest with myself?
– Do I practice what I preach?

Check out today’s content where I delve deeply into this nugget of wisdom: If you have no self-respect, how can you possibly influence your prospects to buy?

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