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EP 22 – How To Have A Growth Mindset

For a long time I always felt like I wasn’t as strong or as dominant as I could’ve been…

Let bullies push me around, didn’t take school serious and wasn’t much of presence in social circles.

I love my family don’t get me wrong, but growing I never really had to deal with hardship…

Until the 08/09 recession hit…

I saw so many people around us retreat and let fear overtake them 😧

Ever since then I’ve felt like a leader on a mission

Not because I wanted to be….

Or that some garyvee or Tony Robbins video inspired me

Or because I wanna travel the world and live in lala land.

No no, because I believe it is my responsibility too.

I saw something I didn’t like, so it’s on me to do something about it…

Thinking about this today inspired me to record this podcast episode on how to adopt a growth mindset.

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