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EP 220 – Why Your Sales Calls Don’t Get Answered???

Today we’re doing some troubleshooting.

Here are the four reasons why your calls aren’t being answered:

1. You don’t know your dial to contact rate.

Reality check: It would be ludicrous to expect all or even most people to answer your call. If your dial to contact rate is between 16% and 25%, you’re actually doing ok. So make sure your expectations are realistic.

2. You’re not booking enough of your contacts.

To boost your booking rate:
a) Make sure your calls are short and sharp.
b) Don’t be too quick to disqualify your contacts. Objections do not mean that they’re not qualified.

3. You give up on a lead after only a few contacts.

Be relentless! Don’t be afraid to call 2, 3+ time in a day!

Chip away until you get a definite answer: unqualified, follow up in a few weeks/months or booked in for a call (hint: this can take 5-12 calls!)

4. You’re just not making enough dials.

You need to knuckle down and make more dials! Simple as that.

Don’t miss my in-depth troubleshooting on this issue in today’s content!

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