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EP 221 – How Closers Can Be More Fulfilled???

Why might a salesperson say that they no longer find sales fulfilling?

I’ll tell you:

Because, to them, the thrill of closing deals has become like a drug.

Their entire life revolves around that next dopamine hit.

And when they inevitably find themselves in a dry patch (it happens to everyone), their sense of identity, self-esteem, and personal fulfillment all take a massive hit.

Today I want to help you avoid this miserable predicament.

I want to help you become a resilient and self-assured salesperson with noble and worthwhile motivations.

1. Find a reason for being in sales that is bigger than yourself (hint: who are you being called to help?)

2. Train yourself to find fulfillment in the process, rather than just the outcome (i.e. a closed deal). Enjoy honing the skill: polishing your scripts, perfecting your tone, handling objections, etc.

These tips will help you grow into a salesperson (and person!) of the highest quality.

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