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EP 227 – 1 Reason You Might Not Be Closing Deals..

Why on earth might a salesperson write the words ‘no sale’ across the top of their notes right before jumping into a sales call?

It may seem counterproductive, but leaving myself little notes like this has helped me refine my sales technique and blow my sales targets out of the water.

How? Because, in the heat and excitement of the sales call, ‘no sale’ reminds me not to get too attached to the desired outcome (closing the deal).

Instead, I purposefully shift my focus to what my prospect is saying, and, more importantly, how they’re saying it.

I’ve trained myself to hear the hidden meanings behind statements like ‘I need to think about it” and “I can’t afford it.”

I’ll be sharing these insider tips in today’s content. Be sure to check it out!

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