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Ep 23- How To Identify Your Perfect Prospect

To identify your perfect prospect, you need to have a killer qualification process in your cold calls.

There’s essentially 3 things you need to identify to see if someone is the perfect prospect to buy from you NOW.

  1. Buying History
    How has this person bought in the past. Have they bought your product or service before of a competitor? If they have never, why not?

Find out this information and it’ll tell you how hard they are to sell.

  1. Why Now?
    Why has this person reached out to you now? What pain is the prospect going through right now. There’s always going to be something going on for that prospect right now that made them reach to you.
  2. Passion
    What do they want in the future? Are they really serious about getting that? Please understand if people aren’t excited about gaining something it is pointless selling them. Get an answer from them that tells you how passionate they are about a topic.

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Jordan “Perfect Prospect” D’Urbano


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