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EP 237 – Can You See The Fortune In Your Business/Career???

If you’ve been playing the game of sales for a while now, you might find your energy and motivation waning a bit.
No reason to panic and jump ship!
Your drive to succeed in sales (or any industry/field) will only be as strong as your BELIEF.
I’ll be explaining the concept of belief in today’s content using the analogy of the gold prospector.
The point is, belief is like a muscle. It won’t stay strong on its own. You have to train it.
So here are the three questions you need to ask yourself in order to strengthen your belief and reinvigorate your passion:
(1) Do you believe that the game of sales is worth pursuing in the long term?
(2) Do you believe there is gold in your business? (Remember: you are not your business! Think culture, processes, etc.)
(3) Do you believe that you have the capacity to find the gold?
Check out today’s content and go for gold!

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