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EP 238 – What Makes Me A Professional Closer??

Recently I was asked the following question: What makes you a professional closer?

My answer was surprising even to myself: I know I’m a professional closer because I chose not to attach myself to the ‘professional closer’ label.

What do I mean by that?

(1) I don’t get overly attached to closing deals. I’ve learned to shift my focus away from boosting commissions and sales stats and toward genuinely helping people by giving them access to life-changing information.

(2) I don’t need to seek validation and approval from acquaintances and social media followers etc by ‘making it’ as a closer. I’ve reached a level of confidence and security in my self and my abilities that I’m no longer dependent on external factors for direction and self-worth.

Check out today’s content for the full breakdown on this thought-provoking Q&A!

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