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EP 244 – Why You Need To Tackle Your Problems Head-On

Have you got any niggly problems that’ve been weighing on your mind?

Any worries that are keeping you up at night?

Here’s what you do about it:

Block out 30 minutes. Grab yourself a pen and paper.

Now, get really clear about all the problems you’ve been avoiding/haven’t made time for.

First, decide whether or not the problem is actually a problem.

You may find that you’ve been all tied up in knots about something that isn’t actually worth your time and energy.

Second, if it really is a problem, identify the roadblock the centre of it.

Then, formulate a clear and concrete action step you can take to knock down that roadblock.

Granted, your solution may take time and effort to implement, and you’ll probably come up against additional obstacles along the way.

But, I can guarantee you’ll feel 100% more calm, confident, and in control just by stepping up and confronting your challenges head-on.

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