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EP 254 – 1 Thing All Elite Salespeople Have In Common……

It’s fairly well accepted that adopting the correct mindset will give you ‘the edge’ when it comes to closing deals.
Exactly what that mindset is, however, is far less clear.
If you want to become a high-ticket closer, there are two key mental states that you need to be able to switch on and off instantaneously.
1. The Competitor
Now, of course, I’m not suggesting you behave like some kind of aggressive wild animal. Rather, I’m saying you should go into your calls feeling strong, stone cold, and ready to take on the world.
2. The Eagle
If an eagle didn’t carefully survey the landscape from high above, if it didn’t plan when and where to target its prey or lay its eggs, or if it flew around aimlessly with no plan or direction, how long do you think the eagle would remain at the top of the food chain?
The lesson: Every move you make should be logical, strategic, and purposeful.
Trust me: If you can get them right, these two mindsets will be the key to unlocking your sales potential!

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