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EP 269 – Stop Waiting To Build Your Team…

Today I want to smash through 3 pervasive myths
about hiring and business that make me cringe whenever I hear them:

(1) Selling is for salespeople
-> Correction: Everyone in your business should be selling in some capacity!

Get your sales admin to sell you on new systems to be implemented. Get your assistant to help you with prospecting. Everyone should be contributing to your business’ bottom line and everyone should have the opportunity to exert their influence.

(2) Only hire when you need to
-> Correction: Hire BEFORE you need to.

Bring on your new employees and procedures in advance so that they are fully established and operational when you need them. Be proactive and anticipate future challenges!

(3) Hiring costs money
-> Hiring MAKES money!

Bringing on new employees frees up an unbelievable amount of your time and energy. If you really look at the numbers, you’ll find that your new hire will generate so much business that you’ll have no difficulty covering their costs. Return on investment, my friend.

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