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EP 27 – How To Handle Partner Objections

How to Handle Partner Objections

When you should push or let it go?

When someone brings up the partner objection there could be a couple of things going on.

It could be valid objection, their marriage might be on shaky grounds, they are tight on money, they need to speak to each other about every decision.

First Scenario

It could be where they just say ” I need to speak to my partner first”

They are not certain they really want this!

Try to handle this objection and see if it is valid or not.

First Rule – Always Agree:

“Hey Man, Totally Understand”

-“I totally get you”

-I felt the same way, I always check with my partner.”

You need to check if this is actually real, usually the partner objection is a stall to cover up something else.

“Apart from you needing to speak to your partner, is there any other reason that would stop you from making a decision today?”

“It’s really outside our budget.”

Now you know! What is actually going on.

Once you’ve got to that stage, you know how to handle it.

2nd Scenario

“I just need to tell my partner.”

Now thats different. You can tell they’re probably convinced.

Would you get started if you let your partner know about this?

“Yes, I just need to tell him/her.”



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