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EP 272 – Hate Being Too Busy?? Listen To This

So many people have totally ridiculous ideas about what it means to be busy and how to flourish (not just survive) in busy periods.

Here are some self-reflection to determine whether you’re the right kind or the wrong kind of busy:

– Are you busy with important tasks about trivial tasks?
– Do you take pride in being busy just for the sake of it, or are you busy with tasks/projects that are properly aligned with your goals?
– If you are busy, do you take it one appointment, call, or task at a time, or do you overwhelm yourself by thinking about everything at once?
– Do you take care of your mind and body so that you are in the best position to excel during busy periods?
Do you whine and complain when you find yourself in a busy period, or do you view busy periods as opportunities to take a massive leap toward your goals?

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