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EP 28 – Are You Working Hard Enough?

You need to ask yourself are you working hard enough?

How often you are on the phone?, how often your making call?, how many appointments do you see a day? and is the productivity high enough?

These are the three question I would like to ask:

1.Is your current monthly income is the target that you get is making you comfortable? Is this enough for you? Are you making enough money to get your goals?

2.Am I comfortable? Is this easy? You should be uncomfortable. Do something uncomfortable.

3.Do you feel under pressure? are you stress? if you are not then you are not working hard enough.

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Jordan D’Urbano



I am looking for my first Sales Assistant.

Send a 30 second video to hello@jurdandurbano.com

1.I want to know your name
2. Why you believe you would be a fantastic closer for my agency?
3. Why you would be better than any other Sales Assistant?


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