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EP 29 – Why Coaching Won’t Save You?

I wanna invest money back into my business in other areas.

If you’ve already bought 5 courses and it’s still not working, and you still are not growing you need to stop it, you need to take the hits for the long run.

Coaching is something you use to grow your business.

The coaching does not make you grow your business.

If you need someone to motivate to you to run your own business you got a problem my friend.

Work will save you, getting on the phone will save you.

I am not against coaching I am just saying that, if you already bought 5 courses and still not growing & still not working its probably you.

Its probably in what you doing, its probably your not implementing it, its probably you don’t give a time.

Reasons why coaching won’t save you: you need to do the work, you need to put in the time, you need to made a mistake, you need to learn how to take hits.

The problem here is you trust the coaching more than you trust your business.

Coach can’t lift a business owner that does believe in theirselves.

Coaching requires implementation. If you don’t implement and actually do the work.

You gonna find yourself blaming the coach.

Let’s go and make more money by working hard, trusting our business and implement.

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Jordan “Independent Closer” D’Urbano

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