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Never Being Satisfied

I remember there was a period when I was closing deals, making 10 – 11k a month, I thought I was doing well at that time.

After a month doing that, the next month I was horrible, I found closing really difficult, I stopped role playing, I started giving up easily on deals. And then all of us sudden I was back at square one.

Fast forward to today, yesterday I closed over a 100k worth of business in a day. And what do I do, I get up at 4am in the morning asking myself who am I going to call today, who do I have to follow up, Who can I close today!

In short the lesson is, last year when I chilled out, all the things that I worked so hard for dropped…..my confidence, my certainty, my resilience.

As an exercise i want you to write down three things you’ve done well this week. And then write down how hard you had to work for it.

Don’t Rest, Go bigger, Expand!

Stay Inspired, Stay Focus, Stay Hungry!

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