Jordan D'Urbano
WHO IS Jordan D'Urbano?
Over the past 7 years Jordan has made over 40,000 sales calls, generated millions of dollars in the consulting and coaching industry, has been named in the top 30 under 30 Entrepreneurs in Australia by Anthill Magazine and founded a company called the Independent Closers which currently helps entrepreneurs sell more of their products at scale. 
Early Life
As a young kid I wasn’t extroverted or super confident around friends. In fact, I used to stutter most of the time because I’d always second guess what to say or how to say it. “Don’t say that, people will laugh” “You’re going to upset that person by saying that” on and on thoughts like this would play in my head.

It was only after years of working with speech pathologists and psychologists did I learn how to talk and read fluently. I guess that challenge of learning how to talk opened up lion like desire to master the art of communication and influence.

That desire led me to becoming a sports coach as a young teenager, then eventually a salesperson in my early 20’s and now a business owner. My challenges with my speech taught me not only valuable lessons in life but it indirectly has made me the businessman I am today.

From 12 years old right through to the age of 18, I spent my time teaching children how to play sports like soccer, basketball and yes even at times volleyball. 

Over that time without any intention of being in business, my first company JD Coaching was born which helped young children get physically fit through sports. I built the business through contacting primary schools through the cold calls, emails and even direct mail.

Within 2 years of starting I built that business to having 3 coaches on the road daily training thousands kids each week.

By the age of 21 it was time for a change and I started my career as a sales consultant in the coaching and consulting space. For the next 4 years I worked insane hours, learning and mastering the craft of selling high ticket coaching programs to business owners.

This eventually lead me to jumping back into business where I opened the Independent Closers Agency, after 3 coaching companies approached me at the same time, asking me if I would do some sales for them.
Independent Closer's Agency
The Independent Closers is Australia’s most effective sales agency for B2B companies. 

In just a short space of 18 months, we have been able to help numerous coaches, consultants, digital marketers and entrepreneurs make millions by selling their services at scale over the phone.

In fact it has been so successful, I have now launched training which is teaching businesses the Independent Closers sales agency systems.
Game of Sales
In 2017, I created the Game Of Sales podcast to document my normal days on the phone hunting down high ticket deals. With over 350 episodes, I share valuable, entertaining sales tips straight from the trenches to help you make more money.

If you’re a sales consultant and you want actionable advice, subscribe to this podcast as I am offering lessons that you’ll only get from someone who’s on the phone daily.

Hire Jordan

Lunch: (to pick his brain) Starts at $1500 and a location in Melbourne

Script Writing: Starts at $5,000 and must be turning over at least $500k

Speaking Engagements: $4000 or 100% sales to the back of room
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