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How To Avoid Poor Sales Performance?


Are you struggling to get the sales and listings that you want at the moment? Are you struggling to book the appointments at the moment? Well, what a lot of people mainly find when they’re in a bit of a sales rut is the fact that they’re facing call reluctance, or that they’re getting the objections that they do not know the answer to. The reality is that a lot of sales reps think that it comes down to their skill. They think it’s coming down to the fact that they’ve lost something, or that they’ve all of a sudden lost form.

The reality is it’s more emotional than technical. It’s more in the minds than it is mechanical. The questions that I’m answering in this particular blog with one of my clients is the fact that when you are starting in your first couple years of sales it is impossible for you to maintain performance for the long run. It’s almost like training for a marathon. When we’re training for a marathon we have to learn how to run 10Ks, then 20Ks, then 30Ks, and then, eventually, we get to what a marathon’s worth at around 45Ks. I think that’s the right answer anyway.

Apart from marathon running, sales is the same thing. We are in training for our whole career, and we’re constantly building our emotional stamina so that eventually when we’ve become veterans, we can continue to rely on the skill countless times in countless appointments. When we’re starting out it’s more emotional reasons on why we’re not closing the sale. It’s not mechanical. You can learn as much as you can in the books. You can learn as much as you can from your mentors on what to say, and how to say it, but if your emotional state isn’t right, it is always gonna hold you back.

In this video have a look and you’ll be able to see why emotional resilience is the key factor in becoming a top sales rep. Now, guys, if you are looking for help, if you were looking for something that’s really gonna help your sales career turn around, what I’d love you to do is go to The Perfect Prospecting Call. It is a document, PDF, that’s gonna show you how to book more appraisals. Go and grab yourself a free copy in this link right here.


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