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How To Handle Sales Objections

I remember when I started out in business at only 18 years old the majority of my sales objections was that prospects needed to check with their partner. The memories of selling a client completely on my service only to immediately have a decision stalled due to a partner’s absence frustrated me immensely. This continued for a whole 2 years! It got to the point where I would book appointments after hours just so I could get both partners at the same time on the phone.

If you’re tired of bending over backward for a potential sale, read on.
There’s 1 secret I learned that enabled me to move past this problem. It was this if your customer throws a stall/objection that you struggle to handle, it’s because you have the same objection when purchasing a product/service yourself.

I at the time wasn’t confident in making decisions by myself, so I bought into the fact that the prospect needed their partner to help them. However, if I was confident in making decisions myself I would have understood the prospect’s situation but not have completely bought into it.

The steps I am about to show you transformed my sales results as it increased my awareness of why I would buy into certain objections and how I can change it.

Today I use these 3 steps to overcome any frequent sales objection that beats me.

1.I ensure I understand the customers’ objection very clearly and then aim to list and identify all the times I have used the same objection.

2.Once I have done this, I list all the drawbacks to my life when I have made this objection. E.g. Not buying a helpful product on the spot will cause more procrastination and time wasted in the future.

3.Finally, I reflect on what I would have wanted to hear from the sales rep or business owner to make a decision on the spot at that time. E.g. More assurance enabled me to feel confident, more social proof etc.

This process has never let me down! Give it a go yourself and message me your results!
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