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How To Increase Motivation?

The key to increasing motivation is to actually not focus on increasing motivation.

Its to focus on boosting inspiration.

Many real estate agents actually end up burning themselves out because they are focusing on motivation.

To break it down for you, motivation is defined as “something from outside of you pushing you to achieve an outcome”.

As I’ve learnt after many years of studying human behaviour and learning from the world’s best psychological experts, motivation wears the mind and body out after long periods of time.

If you’ve been pushing yourself or firing yourself up to complete certain tasks and have then been getting burnt out……you’ve been motivating yourself.

For example, can’t pay the bills might motivate a real estate agent to make 10 more cold calls per day.

However if you want to increase your drive and ambition while at work, its time to focus on what we call inspiration.

Inspiration is defined as “something from inside of you pulling you to achieve an outcome”.

In my experience when you’re inspired to work, there’s no need for motivation. Every human being is directed by a set of priorities…Dr. Demartini calls them “values”.

Anytime you follow what is highest on your values, your drive, confidence, resilience and energy raises (inspiration)

Anytime you follow what is lowest on your values, your drive, confidence, resilience and energy lowers…..Here you will be in need of motivation.

For example, being a great father is first on your values, so you make sure you hit targets and earn high commissions in order to spend more time with your kids.

What ever is highest on your values, is what you love to do!

So exercise for all of you reading this:

Write down what you love doing and what you require no motivation to do
Ask yourself how does this link to my career in sales and real estate
Set a new reason to work hard and watch your drive sky rocket through the roof

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