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How To Sell At Networking Events


Many startup founders, experienced business owners, and aspiring entrepreneurs love to network with one another at events/meetups. I have found networking to be one of the most successful ways of bringing in quick sales but also developing future opportunities.

However far too many business owners are hitting and hoping when they go to networking events. What I mean is far too many are walking around at these events wasting time hanging around people they know and not approaching strangers. I understand how this can occur as many do not want to come across “salesy” or “pushy” to others.

At the end of the day though everyone is at these events for a reason and it’s the people who are transparent with their intention that win! If you want to start creating numerous opportunities for yourself at networking events then read on.

Here are my top 5 tips for creating opportunities at networking events!

1. Approach fast!
At networking events it is absolutely critical you go and talk to new people! I understand this is a simple tip, but so many entrepreneurs hang in their clique’s and struggle to venture out. The only reason you wouldn’t approach people is because of the fear of rejection or a sense of guilt that you’ll bother them.
Understand everyone is there to network and meet new people, so you’re going to be bothering nobody! Move past these false barriers and connect with the other attendees.

2. Be Present and Smile
When I am at a networking event I can’t stand it when I am trying to talk to someone and their attention is elsewhere. It’s important you’re fully engaged from the moment the conversation starts until it ends.
Easy ways to let the other person know your listening is to reflect what they say back to them, ask curious, intelligent questions and smile. Don’t forget how far a smile can go!

3. Qualify
What many people fail to do in networking situations is to ask questions that qualify others. What I mean is to qualify whether these people that you meet are customers, a referral for another business or someone who has a mutually beneficial network. Come up with a list of questions that you want answers to that would make someone a customer. It’s important you think in terms of opportunities for your business at these events otherwise they can be a complete waste of time.

4. Elevator Pitch
Have your elevator pitch ready! Your elevator pitch must be rehearsed and drilled on a daily basis, as you never know when a customer could be interested in you. A perfect structure for an elevator pitch is to communicate the outcome of the how of the what.
E.g. I help start-up businesses increase their revenue by teaching them sales skills through training seminars.

5. Close
Once you have worked out what opportunity this person could present, its time to close! A simple way to close at a networking event is to say “Do you have a business card? I’ll be in touch to……..”. You may be putting them in touch with someone, booking a sales appointment or possibly receiving a contact from someone. Don’t overcomplicate things ask for their details confidently and close on the next step!
If you just ask for their details without closing to an opportunity they will be confused when they hear from you. Warm this opportunity up by letting them know what the next steps are!

In summary, follow these steps at networking events and you’ll find plenty of opportunities:
1. Approach Fast
2. Be Present and Smile
3. Qualify
4. Elevator Pitch
5. Close

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