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How To Sell Without Clashing With Your Prospects


“I need to speak to my partner” “How long is this going to take?” “I am going to shop around” “I just can’t make a decision today”……
Are you clashing with your prospect while you’re trying to sell them something?
You know…..those kind of conversations where it feels like your prospect is out to object to everything you say…..

Gosh I know the feeling, don’t you worry. I remember some of my sales conversations ending up in arguments! Prospects would hang up on me…
And after quite a few encounters like so, I decided to do something about it…….
Well not only because my result was poor…..but! I wanted to avoid offending people and start understanding who they were as people.

Now it took some practice and research, however, in this article I hope to summarise everything that I learned from psychological mentors like Dr. Demartini and sales managers & executives who have had over 25 years of experience…..

Not only will I give you that but I will summarise the exact 4 strategies myself and my clients use to understand people better-selling situations…..

1. What Is Their Highest Value?

Every human being is governed by a set of values. Their highest value is the one thing they are most inspired to focus on, learn about and challenge themselves in. This is what will gain their attention.
Look for exactly what fills somebody’s personal space, what they talk about the most and where they are most knowledgeable…..this will tell you what their top value is.
For example, you may be selling software to a male CEO of a large company, if he continues to talk about “time”, how knowledgeable he is of his calendar and the fact that his got diaries & time trackers on his desk…
You know TIME is important to him…..talk to that motive and he’ll be inspired to listen to you…

2. Where Are They Challenged Most?

People will do more to avoid something rather than gain something. If you can quickly identify where somebody has been challenged and is currently being challenged, you have found a way to help them.
You’ll help your prospect by showing them they can avoid what’s causing them pain and achieve what’s causes them pleasure with your product or service…
NOTE: Where ever somebody is most challenged, that will be an indicator what they value most.

3. How Do They Behave?

Early on in the conversation, you want to identify how a prospect behaves. Do they speak loud, softly or
direct? Are they analytical with facts? Or good at telling you long stories to explain their situation?
If you can identify this pattern early on in the conversation you’ll know how to build rapport…..failure to do this results in arguments.
Throughout my sales journey, I have studied many personality profiling systems and DISC assessments is by far the easiest to understand.

4. Ask questions no one else is prepared to ask

Have you ever had a conversation with someone and found them super interesting to talk to.
You almost find yourself wanting to tell them your whole life story!
This is because they ask questions that 95% of the people around you will not dare ask. They most likely ask questions around “why” you are the way you are or “how” long you’ve wanted a specific goal…
We would call these kinds of questions, “disruptive questions”.
Ask yourself the question….If someone is getting you to think outside of the norm for an answer that can benefit your situation, you’re more than likely to respect them!

In Summary!
1.Understand someone’s highest value
2.Learn where someone has been most challenged
3.Identify their behaviour style
4.Ask Disruptive Questions
And watch yourself build enormous amounts of rapport in your cold calls, appointments, and follow-ups!
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