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Jason Titus on Leading The Conversation- Game Of Sales

Jason Titus on Leading The Conversation- Game Of Sales (Audio)

It is always a pleasure being able to interview on a role model of yours…..And a couple of weeks ago I got the opportunity to sit down with my friend Jason Titus, Sales Manager at Employsure. Now I have known Jase for a while now and am aware of his sales skill but I underestimated the depth of his knowledge on the game!

He really over delivered with huge amounts of value on this episode!

And this was the main I decided to invite him in the first place, not only because of his impeccable ability to control and lead sales conversations….

But, Jase would always overdeliver with prospects on the phone for as long as I’ve known him.

In this interview we break down the keys to leading a conversation, why important for you to learn and how to lead.

A few keys that I took from interviewing Jase:
Help the customer imagine buying what you’re offering

People want to be lead towards an inspiring decision

Show empathy to your prospect when you’re on the phone

Learn, learn and learn so much!

2:30- 5:04mins- Using Emotion To Sell

5:08- 8mins- How To Lead People

8:30-10:45mins- Importance on Empathy In Selling

11:41- 12:20mins- How To Kickstart Your Career In Selling

15:21- 16:45mins- How To Increase Your Income


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