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EP 2 – Jim Stamatis – How To Motivate And Build Your Sales Team

EP 2 – Jim Stamatis – How To Motivate And Build Your Sales Team (Audio)


Last week I sat down with the legendary Jim Stamatis, Director of Ray White Manningham to interview him on his journey in Real Estate and insights into selling.

Jim has quite the CV, his considered to be in Australia’s top 1% of Real Estate professionals, has run Manningham’s most successful Real Estate Sales Team for 18 years and is a multi-award winning agent.

What impressed me was how simple Jim’s formula for successful selling is…

We spoke about the importance of just playing to your numbers in Real Estate and if you know how many calls, appraisals you have to make to get 1 sales…its impossible to lose.

Jim also spoke on the fact that every business owner must start by hiring sales reps that have the best attitude. After managing sales teams for nearly 2 decades, Jim recognizes this is something you can’t teach…

He went on to the ABC’s of who he looks for his team “First comes attitude if you have the right attitude you’ll then develop a strong belief in what you do and then if you have a strong belief you’ll build the commitment to be successful”.


Prospecting Success (3:47-4:40)
Jim’s Key Strategy To Overcome Rejection & Reluctance Call (4:47-6:31)
Why the Real Estate market is full of buyers at the moment (7:00-10:00)
How to employ correctly for your sales team (13:00-15:35)
How to go about property investing (19:07-22:13)

The secret to becoming a top selling agent in the 1% around the country (22:20-25:49)

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