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EP 9 – Marc Mawhinney – Dealing With Adversity & Becoming A Successful Coach

Ladies and gentlemen!

Hope you have all had a phenomenal week so far and ready for another episode of the Game Of Sales Podcast.

Last week I set down with coaching trainer Marc Mawhinney from Canada. Marc is the founder of Natural Born Coach, where he trains thought leaders and consultants on how to expand their business.

Marc is a formal real estate mogul turned coach after leaving his property business all the way back in the late 2000’s.

What was incredible about speaking to Marc is the mental toughness he had when making the business transition.

Many founders struggle to let go of business they’ve been in for a while and usually find it hard to readapt.

Marc shared some absolute gold on how he managed to do this.

We also proceeded to talk about what coaches need to be doing to get clearer on their niche’, how they can generate more leads and build authority in their industry.

If you are a coach, consultant or even some considering to start a new coaching business…..this is a must listen.

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