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EP 4 – Ryan Magdziarz – How To Recruit World Class Sales People


A couple of weeks ago I interviewed Ryan Magdziarz on sales performance and how he grew his consulting business to 7 figures before the age of 23 years old.

I had seen a lot of Ryan’s videos on social media and had always thought his content was brilliant for coaches…….but after this interview, I realized that his knowledge is really applicable to any business owner or sales professional.

Ryan spoke of his journey in growing his first marketing agency to a team of 8 people at quite a young age. Even though it was a successful business, he felt this lack of fulfillment and connection to what he was doing.

It wasn’t long before he realized that his true calling was in starting a consulting company that helped heart-centered coaches scale their business to 7 figures.

What I love about Winning International (Ryan’s current business) is that they hold such a high standard of performance in their sales team.

For Ryan’s sales team he is after a specific individual who is comfortable with themselves, deeply connected to what they are selling and has the ability to close…..even when their prospect is making it difficult.

He went on to explain how many sales professionals lack the skills to become great at what they do because they never handle their own insecurities.

I couldn’t agree more with this! Prospects who are having a hard time making a decision just lack confidence in themselves or our business.

If the sales professional is full of confidence and certainty they have the capability to inspire their prospect to make the right decision for themselves.

Ryan also explained the importance of motivation, creating leverage for yourself and setting meaningful goals. I found this section of the podcast to be incredibly valuable.

He highlights the fact that way too many business owners are setting “towards to” based goals, example, I want to go on a holiday to America. The problem with these goals is they are incomplete as there is nothing holding you accountable for achievement.

He went on to outline that if people started setting “away from” based goals, example, booking plane tickets to America….more would be achieved!

If you are wanting to maximize your sales performance, achieve your goals in a shorter period of time and look for the right sales professionals….this podcast is a must listen.

For information on Ryan Magdziarz and Winning International go to:
@ryanmagdziarz on Facebook & Instagram



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