Want To Sell Without Coming Across As "Salesy"?

If So Then My Sales Hacker Accelerator Program is for you!

2nd of September- 9am-5pm- Melbourne

Want to increase your sales without being pushy?


In business there are so many variables that will affect your end result. But none of them quite outweigh the importance of sales. Your ability to sell with confidence and structure will directly impact how you expand your business. Many entrepreneurs procrastinate and over think their ideas and strategies for one reason mainly, they haven’t quite worked out what they are really selling and how they are going to sell it effectively. 

How you’ll learn

Interactive And Collaborative Learning

This workshop is not a lecture style program. You’ll be interacting and discussing each topic with Jordan and the rest of the Sales Hacker community in order to really understand each concept.

Rapid Coaching & Feedback

Receive rapid coaching and feedback from Jordan on the day to enable you to implement these business and sales strategies immediately.

Real Life Practice

You will be practicing pitching one on one with other entrepreneurs/coaches in the room as well as receiving critical feedback to improve for your clients.

Content & Theory

All of this content has been researched and proven information from the field. Jordan teaches nothing that he hasn’t applied himself, so be ready for a day full of practical information and strategies.


Be given key tasks to complete that will help you build out and deliver your sales process for your business. This is all done on the day, nothing is done from home.


Network with other business owners and coaches who are after the same dream as you. Doing what you love, serving people that you can truly help and getting paid for it.



Mindset Coach


Sales Manager


Business Owner