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I found that while my business wasn’t growing, I was running away from my family…

I was doing everything I possibly could to avoid them

Because I didn’t think I could fix the relationships…

So I worked hard to help distract me from the pain…

I got some results but I found that I wasn’t growing past a certain point.

Was it frustrating? You bet!

And anytime people suggested to me “You should call your family”

I came up with convincing excuses not to do anything about it…

“It’s their fault!”

“They should apologize first!”

“They never listen and I’m too busy!”

etc etc….


As we all know, to get PAID in business

You have to fix OTHER people’s problems to get money.

But because I wouldn’t fix my own problems

I found I was making very similar excuses to not fix my customers problems

– “They said they loved it, but it was too expensive”

– “They said they didn’t have the money”

– “They said they were too busy”

etc etc

See a pattern?

I was making both sets of excuses because

I HAD A HABIT of trying not to get HURT…

I mean…

Taking ownership for your part in the breakdown of a personal relationship can be PAINFUL

Just like handling an objection from a prospect around money can be PAINFUL too

“Pause for a breath, this post is quite deep”

I still remember the day I decided to fix things with my family

It was the most powerful day in my life……

I got resourceful and found SOLUTIONS to the biggest challenges I had ever faced

There were no more EXCUSES helping me run away…

It brings a tear to the eye knowing that only days after

I was finding SOLUTIONS to my prospects biggest excuses in their lives…

That was when I truly started to get better in business…

So why am I telling you this?

When I made EXCUSES for my personal problems

I made EXCUSES for my business problems…

If you’re finding it tough, I promise you

If you focus on finding solutions over excuses to your personal stuff

You’ll do the same in your business

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