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Taki Moore – Game Of Sales


Last week before my big move into my new apartment I interviewed Taki Moore from the Million Dollar Coach.

Taki is the coach’s coach and has helped thousands of people around the world escape the 1:1 grind and scale their business using a leveraged coaching model.

He has been one of my mentors too and done a fantastic job at helping launch my online courses and programs.

I wanted to get Taki on the podcast as I know his outlook on sales is very different to what the majority of people promote.

We broke down a couple of key points in the podcast:

1. Why aren’t coaches a fan of selling their stuff?

2. How should coaches sell their program?

3. What should coaches do build authority even if they are completely new?

4. How to get booked up with strategy sessions on your calendar?

If you’d like more information on Taki visit:


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