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EP 5 – Tom Ferry – How To Become An Elite Listing Agent & Performing At Your Best


Well, this was a big milestone! I was so inspired to bring you the one and only Tom Ferry to the Game Of Sales Podcast.

Mr. Level 10 spoke all things mentors, real estate, the mindset for success as well as selling and marketing tactics.

Tom started the podcast by emphasizing the importance of having a mentor for all aspects as your life…..

I personally have had many mentors and I agree that most of the time we mainly focus on getting mentors for our career, business or finances but not the other areas of life….

Whether this is relationships, health, family, social and even emotionally…..

We discussed the fact that many real estate agents need to start there if they’re going to be able to perform at their “level 10” on a daily basis.

More importantly, Tom emphasized the fact that you get to define your “level 10” whether that be striving to make over $1million dollars in commission every year or maybe $500k…..

Whatever that peak performance status is for you, it is critical that you define and work towards it every single day….

One thing I constantly hear from agents is the fact that “I don’t have enough leads” or “it’s not a seller’s market”.

Tom went on to talk that the majority of people in real estate feel this way because they only have 1 lead generation strategy.

Over the 30 years that Tom has been a coach he recommends that it takes 6-12 lead generation channels to get enough inflow of opportunities and that there is no right or wrong way to generate leads…..

We also got onto Tom’s key lines for handling objections, responding to vendors when they say “will you cut your commission?” and much much more!

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