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How To Be Confident Communicating To Intimidating Prospects


Intimidation is one of the main reasons so many people struggle to stay true to who they really are. When you’re intimidated by somebody, they are placed on a pedestal and seen as superior to you. At the same time, you will find yourself minimizing who you are in order to feel safe and comfortable around them. Example of this is throwing away your goals, plans, and even certain traits in order to be like this person.

I remember at the very beginning of my journey in business I was attending many networking events and sales meetings. This was all so new to me, being able to hold conversations with people I had never met as well as influence them in such a way to work with me. However, the most challenging component of this steep learning curve for me was feeling intimidated in conversations with more experienced business owners. I am going to show how to take these people off pedestals so you can level the playing field in any sales meeting or networking situation.

What is intimidation?
Intimidation is when we place another individual on a pedestal because we are perceiving that they have a particular trait or characteristics that we don’t. Example, an early stage entrepreneur placing another business owner with 5 years experience on a pedestal because they are perceiving that this person has more financial success. This could be the truth, however, in reality, the early stage entrepreneur will have success in other areas of life to even out the playing field. What likely occurred in this example is the new entrepreneur has changed his/her values to business now, meaning that they are thriving for success in a different avenue. With this being the case its very easy for them to ignore where their previous achievement came from, therefore placing the experienced business owner on a pedestal.

How to beat intimidation?

The quickest and easiest way to dissolve intimidation is to do the following in sequential order:
1. Write down the person’s name who you are intimidated by. (E.g. Experienced Business Owner)
2. Write down the traits or actions that you’re intimidated by of that person. (E.g. Financial Success)
3. Ask yourself where do I own this trait in my life? Look at all the different areas of life and make a list until you own it to the same degree as the person on the pedestal. (E.g. Family, Mental & Physical Success)
4. Now jot the benefits of your form of the trait that you just owned as well as the drawbacks for the person on a pedestals form. (E.g. Learning quicker in business, able to work longer hours- Benefits) (Complacent and more financial responsibility making it tougher to innovate)

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