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What is the fear of sales?


Ever felt anxious before cold calling? Did you ever feel this sense of reluctance to pick up the phone?

Well many experts I am sure have been telling you its because you’re introverted or maybe that you’re lazy……

If you’ve been beating yourself because you think you are these labels, I just want to let you know it’s not your fault….

As a matter of fact you’ve been fed the wrong information.

You see when I was fearing picking up the phone or experiencing performance anxiety before a sales meeting.

I quickly discovered that I was both incredibly fearful of getting a no or rejected, but on the other side I was “attached” or you could say “desperate” to get a “Yes!”.

Having been obsessed with thought patterns and beliefs for the majority of my life I decided to follow in the foot steps of what my mentor Dr. Demartini taught me.

He taught me that emotions will always come in pairs  (negative & positive feelings), meaning that fear will always be partnered with a positive outcome.

He went on to explain that if you mentally prepare yourself for both positive and negatives outcomes…..fear will dissolve.

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