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Why You’re Feeling Negative?

There’s a big fad out there in personal development and psychology that promotes how positive thinking and beliefs is one of the best strategies to build success around your business. As someone who was in and out seeing psychologists and counselors for 9 years during my childhood, I’d like to share some human behavioural facts on why only “positive thinking” will eventually let you down.

1. Your body is always searching for a balance
When you’re positive and excited your thoughts will trigger the release of dopamine in your body which helps control the brain’s reward centre. At the same time, adrenaline levels in the body start to increase which is called on when we go into a “fight or flight” response or in other words an extreme defense mechanism against unexpected danger. Now because the body has gone to this extreme it will always need to balance out by going into a negative state, as it is now being pushed for no reason. This is why whenever you have been “pumped up” or “happy” for too long you’ll most likely feel exhausted and tired afterwards. What is causing this is a depressive hormone called cortisol to stop your internal systems from overworked. Based on this reaction the body’s physiology was not designed to stay “happy” or “positive” for extended periods of time. By seeing the challenges and supports in everything you will stop your body from playing emotional tennis and come to more of a balance internally, which will boost your day to day vitality and energy.

2. Stores up unresolved emotion
For years I didn’t know how to let go of the emotion around being bullied when I was young. Going into business at 18 was interesting as certain scenarios would randomly set me off emotionally. The reality was that I hadn’t let go of the emotionally charged memories of these bullies which would subconsciously decrease my performance. People go through this everyday without even realizing. Example, I find it hard to sell my product to a prospect who’s personality style reminds me of a bully from school. Anytime you are experiencing challenges from the past or present, the wisest question to ask is “How is or did this challenge benefit what’s most important to me?”. The way to release stored emotion is to see how the perceived negatives have helped you grow, avoiding pain or challenges will only cause more of it in the future.

3. It creates an illusion
Staying 100% positive creates an illusion about what the actual reality of certain situations are. As mentioned before when we are “happy” a hormone called dopamine is released, which has been known to help addictions form. Therefore if you are addicted to being “up” and “excited”, when faced with challenges you run the risk of becoming even more resentful. This is because you’ve tried to delete negativity from your life which is impossible. Meaning its harder to bounce back from things not going well in business. Example your teams underperforming, sales numbers going down or maybe the market not approving of your product. Demonstrating an ability to stay balanced by always acknowledging the benefits and drawbacks to everything avoids creating addiction and increases your levels of resilience in the eye of the challenge.

In summary be sure to stay on the border of support and challenge, to avoid becoming stagnant and to maximise personal growth as an entrepreneur.





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