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Why You’re Not Following Up On Your Goals?


If you’re currently in the position where you have been falling behind your goals due to a lack of motivation, structure or courage, I just want to let you know it’s not your fault. If you are now scared to even set goals because you’re afraid that you’ll continually let yourself down, I just want to let you know there is a way to beat it.

Far too many “experts” have been encouraging you to set goals that aren’t yours. What I mean, saying that ‘bigger’ or ‘more’ is better and putting down goals that are apparently “too small” or “lacking ambition”.

The number 1 reason you are not following up on your goals is that you have injected somebody’s else’s values into your life and therefore idolized their definition of “success”. The reality is everybody’s definition of success is going to be different based on how their values are structured.

Watch the video below where I break down key tips to know whether you are setting goals that are yours or somebody else’s.


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